Giant Truss


  • Tolerance-free conical connector system.
  • Super-size conical connection for maximum rigidity.
  • 4 Side Webbing.
  • High strength aluminum alloy.
  • Extreme load bearing capacity.
  • Main chord of 100mm with 8mm wall thickness.
  • Incredible robustness, strength, and reliability.
  • DT EX

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      DT EX

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      Introducing the newest member of our truss family, the DTEX. This powerful truss is the upgraded version of our DT Series, featuring a main tube that has been strengthened from a 60x6mm to an impressive 100x8mm.

      This enhancement allows the DT EX to bear an incredible distributed load of 7,800kg on a free span of 30m, making it the perfect choice for extreme indoor and outdoor structures with exceptional loading requirements. For added convenience, the DT EX is available with optional castor wheelsets, allowing for easy movement and positioning.

      This truss is not just an upgrade from the DT series, but a remarkable Pre Rig Truss that seamlessly aligns with our TT Range of truss, towers, and roofs. Choose the DT EX for your next project and experience the unparalleled strength and durability that it offers.

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