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      load cell

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      • R.F. : 2.4 GHz range – other ranges available.
      • R.F.transmission Range : Up to 450′ /150m in normal operation conditions (outdoors line of sight). Longer transmission ranges are optional.
      • Safety Factor : 5:1 Standard. 10:1 and higher safety factors are available.
      • Safety features: : Fatigue rated load cells that can withstand successive load cycles for long periods of time without the risk of failure or damage to the steel.
      • Proof load : 200%.
      • Accuracy Class: 1%
      • Capacities: From 0.5t to 12.5t.
      • Receivers: USB Desktop Recevier or Bluetooth Portable Receiver
      • Functions : Sum, Max, Tare, Zero, Group (LC), Overload detection and alert (visual and audible), Low battery indication, Reports data base, User calibration, Group functions (Sum, Max, Zero, Tare, Overload and customized overload detection), Plan/layout archiving.
      • Units : Selectable units feature with the following choice of measurement readings: Tons, Kgs, Lbs.
      • Load Cell Material : Made of high-strength, aerospace quality low alloy steel, polyurethane coated.
      • Power : 4 x AA 1.5 Volt Alkaline disposable batteries Batteries will function up to 5000 hours (optional 10,000 hours). 
      • Calibration : User calibration. Initial factory calibration, certified and fully traceable to NIST.
      • Temperature Range : Load cell: -15°F to +175°F / -25°C to+80°C.
      • Environmental : IP67
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