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  • Electric Chain Hoist

    Introducing the Mode 611-X Electric Chain Hoist, revolutionizing lifting operations with precision and reliability. With a loading capacity of  1000kg and a lifting height of up to 25 meters, it meets diverse industry demands.

    Built with quality components like a robust motor, durable bearings, and efficient gears, the Mode 611-X ensures smooth lifting.

    Powered by electricity, it offers a lift speed of 4m/min for swift vertical movement. Equipped with a reliable chain sling, it ensures secure lifting.

    Compact and sleek in Mode Grey, it weighs 27kg and supports voltages from 220V to 440V. Backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • Electric chain hoist
     LPL500 for 1000 kg, LPL1000 for 2000 kg

    Light and powerful

    • The lightest entertainment chain motors in its class
    • LPL500: Self-weight 23 kg, lifting capacity 1000 kg
    • LPL1000: Self-weight 46 kg, lifting capacity 2000 kg

    Reliable and long-lasting

    • 3-year warranty
    • Protection class IP65 as standard
    • Housing and cover made of aluminium


    • Quiet running: With 3-step drive and helical gearing
    • Easy assembly of a second brake
    • Polygonal design for easy maintenance
    • Available as a kit with flight case and controller
  • Lifter

    Maximum height: 6.5 m

    Working Area: 3.15 m

    Witch: 1588 Kg

    Maximum Load: 350 Kg


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