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Tower Erection System

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      Tower Erection System

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      The Giant truss vertical tower lifting Systems developed as an additional tower products for the erection of the LD-Tower masts. It is a portable system that can be put up fast and safe. For each System a different Tower Lifting System can erect masts up to various heights. The Tower Lifting System is constructed as a main frame and serval loose tubes to be connected as a triangular shaped construction. The tower lifting System is placed on the sleeve block and on the truss which is xed with the help of ratchet straps. The main frame has a pulley at the top, through which the chain or rope of the hoist is guided. By attaching the hoist to the base section and the hook of the chain to the mast the tower can be erected easily. In general the Tower Lifting System is very easy to mount and demount: Including erecting a tower it takes 20 minutes per tower. For each Tower lifting System one rigging hoist (1 Ton) and two sets of ratchet straps are necessary. A necessity for
      all tower being erected over 20ft (6m) to 65ft (20m) height.
      . TLS-48 Tower Lifting System for SST-48 Tower & DT Main Rig
      . TLS-40 Tower Lifting System for SST-40 Tower & MT Main Rig
      . TLS-38 Tower Lifting System For SST-38 Tower & JT  Main Rig
      Series Main Rig

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