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      Shelter Tent

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      This Roof is specially developed by Devil’s Group Engineers for building colossal structures with extreme load-bearing capacity. Clear span up to 24 Meters with extremely low deflection.

      Unique Features


      The SST 48 tower system includes an innovative SAFTEY BLOCK, which offers a method of securing the sleeve block at working height. It completes the Connection between the sleeve block and the tower.


      This heaviest SLEEVE BLOCK is made to hang the PA wings on any side and also help to hold the FOH beam without any vertical support.


      The Tower Lifting System is constructed as the mainframe and serval lose lubes are connected as a triangular-shaped construction. It is placed on the sleeve block and on the truss which is fixed with the help of ratchet straps. It is a portable system that can be put up fast and safely. The tower Lifting System can érect masts up to various heights. 65ft 120m) height


      Eliminating the high cost of transport and storage because of our ladder system.

      Main grid

      The main grid is made from 1.1-meter high DT-X TRUSS. This is our strongest truss system & this is a TUV load-certified truss. The truss with virtually no deflection. It has the strength & power to handle heavy loads.

      DT-X Truss is constructed from a main tube (60mm x 6mm) and diagonals (40mm x 3mm) and uses the SG-3 connections system. Hence it can be used up to 140 ft (42m) free span with high load bearing capacity.
      DT-X has 4-sided diagonal webbing and can hold the weight up to greater strength. The supported tower system (SST-48) along with DT-X allows you to save space while transporting due to standard size variation we consider the smart placing of the hinges and connection system it reduces the risk of hand and finger injuries. Assembly of truss is easy.

      Technical Specifications

      Main Tube60x6mm
      Sub Tube40x3mm
      MaterialEN-AW-6082 T6


      • The tolerance-free conical connector system
      • Super-size conical connection for maximum rigidity
      • 4 Side Webbing.
      • Can be used up to 140 ft.
      • High-stability aluminum alloy.
      • Extreme load-bearing capacity.
      • Low dead weight.
      • High wear resistance.
      • 6mm wall thickness of 60mm main tube.


      The towers are made from 480mm LD48 Truss, which is constructed from 60mm main tube with 4 side webbing.

      The SST-48 Tower is based on a 480mm x 480mm vertical beam that allows the safe, quick lifting of regularly loaded horizontal DT-X Truss to their service height. In terms of static, the SST-48 Tower is designed for a high flexural- and pressure strain. It is provided with aluminum (EN-AW-6082-T6). The base is made of steel to provide maximum ground traction needed due to its weights and supports. Dual height adjusted on each ground support makes it a very rigid structure to use indoors or outdoor.

      Technical Specifications

      Main Tube60x4mm
      Sub Tube30x3mm
      MaterialEN-AW-6082 T6



      • The tolerance-free conical connector system
      • Build for extreme heights and loads
      • Steel base equipped with high-quality Nylon wheels
      • Multi-functional Top Part for use with manual and motorized hoists.
      • 4 Side Webbing
      • High-stability aluminum alloy.
      • High wear resistance.
      • 4mm wall thickness of 60mm main tube.

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