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      DDR 100

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      The Truss Titan Roof’s impressive overall loading capacity of 95,000 kg ensures that it can handle even the most exacting requirements of the largest events
      worldwide. The mother grid of the Titan Roof is constructed using the GT15 truss system, which is widely regarded as one of the strongest aluminum truss
      systems in the world.
      This truss system is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, making it an ideal choice for the mother grid of a large-scale event structure like the
      Titan Roof. The GT15 truss system is made from high-strength aluminum alloy & the main chord is 100x8mm which gives ultimate strength.
      Its unique design features precision-machined joints and connections that provide exceptional strength and stability, even under dynamic loading conditions.
      By using the GT15 truss system in the mother grid of the Titan Roof, we have ensured that this event structure is not only strong and durable, but also versatile
      and customizable to meet the specific needs of any event on the planet.

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