Giant Truss

GT 15 your next GIANT TRUSS investment

Looking for new constructions designed to meet the requirements of the largest aluminium structure?

The Giant truss 15 truss is developed for special applications where extreme loads or conditions require enormous strength.

  • Main chord of 100mm with 8mm wall thickness
  • Tolerance free conical connector system
  • High stability aluminium alloy
  • Incredible robustness, strength, and reliability
  • Spans up to 32 metres are no challenge for this truss
  • Biggest truss ever manufactured in our aluminium production

Proudly designed in Germany and Made in India.


• The values are characteristic according to Eurocode. Partial safety factors (1,35/1,5) are considered. This includes permanent and variable actions.
• Interaction of internal forces at connector are considered.
• The table data have no limitation of deflection.
• The loads are only valid for static loads. The system is perfect and secured against lateral buckling.
• The self-weight of the truss system is considered.
• The deflection is calculated for an ideal Timoshenko-Beam. Because of the flexibility of the connector real deflection is a little bit higher.
• Load application occurs directly in the nodes and both framework sides are loaded equally.
• The values are only valid for the single span girders analysed here. Complex
structures are not covered by this.
• Complex structures, special cases or special constructions can be analysed by Runtemund Engineering acc. to German, European or International standards

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